Dear Friends

We live in a time of uncertainty, with our plans being adjusted and amended on a daily basis as we seek to do what is right for our communities and our families.  Coronavirus is an unknown assailant, and this lack of knowledge is driving the panic-buying, the hoarding, and the scare-mongering in the national press.     
In the face of such uncertainty we can feel helpless, not knowing what to do next.  Amongst the simplest things we can do is to wash our hands and stop touching our faces.  As I write this, Kinnerley school is open but has closed its doors to visitors and cancelled all outside events.  As a church we have implemented national guidance to avoid gathering together which includes cancelling our services. 
The nature of this pandemic means people are, by necessity, being isolated by these measures, and as more restrictions may already be in place by the time you read this, isolation and loneliness amongst our community’s most vulnerable is a very real concern in the months ahead.
Into that concern speaks the message of Easter, a time when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ the Son of God.  Easter is not just one day on April 12th, it’s a season of celebration from Easter Sunday until Pentecost.  Jesus’ life, death and resurrection shows us a life lived wholly in obedience to God; it shows us a God who loves us so much He is willing to die for us, and gives us hope through faith in the promise of eternal life. 
For those in our communities who are anxious and fearful, the message of Easter is one of love overcoming evil; light and hope in this time of darkness.   Whilst we cannot meet together, together we can be love, light and hope by helping our neighbours, looking out for those isolated by their illness or vulnerability, delivering their shopping and helping them as we are able.  When we pray for them, we pray to a God who understands suffering and pain because Jesus suffered and died to set us free.  
Jesus calls us to love God and love our neighbour.  This includes isolating ourselves if we show symptoms of Covid-19.  We need our neighbourliness to be more infectious than the virus that threatens our communities.  Together our love can overcome this greatest of evils.
God bless you all.   Yours in Christ.  Revd Chris